Climate Corps Fellowship 2024!

Young women MOBILIZE, ENGAGE and DRIVE action.

Young women and girls in the rural and magnalized communities are disproportionately affected by climate change impacts but these are excluded from decision making spaces at local, national and international level. In our communities, we have limitted or no access to control and management of natural resources and girls and young women are the custodians of the environment.  

Every year, G4CA runs a Climate Corps Fellowship; a 5-months fellowship which focuses on capacity strengthening for young women and girls in their different diversities in climate advocacy, Climate activism, policy analysis and influencing policy reforms at the local and national level. This enables the girls to lead climate action with in their communities and at national and international level. At the end of the fellowship, the girls and young women start climate projects guided by mentors and before they graduate from the program, the launch an Eco-feminist manifesto that is used to lobby in various decision making spaces including COPs, Revision of NDCs, SBs among other spaces. 

“The Climate Corps are also taking over leadership in the local environmental sub-committees, We need system change”. 




What we are currently working on?

Our Advocacy Campaigns

Holding manufacturing companies accountable for the pollution of the Nile.

Restoration of Butamira Forest.

This is an advocacy project on ending the impacts of industrial water pollution in the communities of Njeru, Naminya and Wakisi supported by the community members of the most affected areas. Read More 


We believe in the power of collective action!  The movement brings together individuals, groups, organisations, young women and girls in their different diversities to add their voice, energy and creativity to advocate for climate Justice across the region.

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