”Our Grand Mothers were and are still adapting to climate change impacts with their local indigenous knowledge”.

The Climate Resilience Hubs are built to enable knowledge  sharing, exchange and learnings across various generations. Women and girls have working solutions to their local climate challenges, however often times, these are not considered viable solutions by actors, researchers and not even invested in. At the Climate Resilience Hubs that are in the communities we have a few pillars; 

 This is a 9 weeks hands-on practical training to support women and girls with technical expertise to turn their local small scale climate solutions into viable climate initiatives that are replicated/scaled with in various communities. 

This is a 6 months mentorship for the women /girls green-preneurs to create their own bankable solutions and make them investment ready to attract financial support for their initiatives.

Women and girls have been left out when it comes to financial support and access to financial institutions; the pitch events enable pitching for women to build their confidence and also win funding towards their projects.

This happens after every two months where communities come to the Hub to learn from each other and also adopt to some of the solutions. Its a showcase.

Climate Resilience Hubs Training
Green-preneurship Training
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The Mentorship Stage
Hub pitch event
The Pitch Events
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Community Demo Days


We believe in the power of collective action! 

The movement brings together individuals, groups, organisations, young women and girls in their different diversities to add their voice, energy and creativity to advocate for climate Justice across the region.

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